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In addition to my earlier post on Why Not To Date A Skier, I wanted to justify my argument that skiing powder is better than sex. Here are the 5 reasons why Skiing Powder is Better Than Sex.

1. You can do it solo, with a friend, girlfriend, or a bunch of people.

Without judgment. Also polyamorous skiing is not just some weird thing that extremist branches of The Church of Latter Day practice in the dark.

2. It lasts longer.

A standard Powder Day lasts approximately 2-7 hours depending on snowfall and crowds. That said, according to a recent study completed by 34 American and Canadian Sex Therapists, the average time spent involved in intercourse is 3-7 minutes with very few people lasting longer than 12 minutes.

3. If you’re equipment has issues, you can replace it.

If your skis lose their stiffness, you can get new ones. Same is true for base damage and blown out edges…

4. Speed is encouraged

To quote Cody Townsend, “As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, the best thing in the world is hot, nasty, bad-ass speed.” This quote does not apply in the bedroom.

5. You can leave right after you’re finished

Well that was fun. It’s time to go home, eat pasta, and drink beer…

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