5 Ways To Tell That You Ski in Colorado

5 Ways To Tell That You Ski in Colorado


5 Ways To Tell That You Ski in Colorado


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5 Ways To Tell That You Ski in Colorado

#1. Ski over 5 resorts a season.

With the exception of California, the state of Colorado boasts the most ski areas West of the Great Plains. That fact combined with the relatively close proximity of those ski areas, allows Colorado skiers and riders the opportunity to chase individual mountain microclimates that stretch across I-70. Therefore, it’s common that Colorado skiers with an Epic Pass will often ski 5 or more mountains in their home state each season. Fit in a trip to Silverton or Wolf Creek.

#2. Poles That Never Touch The Ground


Ski poles in Colorado reflect countless, meaningless hours spent sliding boxes in the park. While even the best park skiers have relatively reasonable pole lengths, Colorado skiers often use poles normally held by 6 year olds. I will never understand… Something to do with “Skier’s Thumb.” Sure.

#3. Front Range L-I-V-I-N

Whether past or present, Colorado skiers spend time in the greater Denver area at some point. Whether that’s at school in Boulder or working a 9-5-weekend warrior gig in the Denver Tech Center,  Colorado skiers have been separated from the mountains by at least an hour for a period of their lives. Which leads me to my next point…

#4. Traffic Isn’t So Bad.I-70-traffic-to-tunnel.BillLinfield

Colorado skiers have thick skin for tough traffic. The I-70 Corridor may be the worst skiing thoroughfare in the United States. With its horrific weather patterns and constant car wrecks slowing down traffic, trips to the mountain that usually take an hour and a half can quickly become all day affairs. However, the Colorado skier will do anything to chase a storm from Glenwood Springs to Breckenridge or Denver to Silverton… No Big Deal.

#5. Ski Season is October-June.


Colorado skiers get to ride lifts starting in October at Loveland and Arapahoe Basin and the lift-accessed season extends all the way into June at “The Basin.” These high altitude resorts allow skiers and riders to ride lifts for 9 out of the 12 months of the year. Basically, rail skills are going to be on point.

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