Biff Huckneck and Todd McScpraffy bring us a look at the workers wiggles at Jackson Hole. Who are Biff Huckneck and Todd McScpraffy you ask? 

“Brad and Angelina. Bert and Ernie. George W and Dick Cheney.  The Narwhal and Beluga Whale.  All important pairs, but recent viral cameos have made it clear that 2015’s most relevant duo is Biff Huckneck and Todd McScpraffy.  Who am I talking about? Haven’t you heard? Legendary ski reporters Biff and Todd are taking the media landscape by storm and only leave laughter and (oddly) glitter in their wake. We’ve seen their reporting capabilities inCorbet’s Couloir and most recently The Wiggle, but how did they get here?  Where have they been? Where are they going?  I did some investigative work to better understand the enigmas that are Biff Huckneck and Todd McSpraffy.  Hold on to your hats folks, this ride could get bumpy.

biff and todd 1

Let’s start with Biff.  Some know him as legendary skier, epic POV filmer, and JHMR Athlete, Andrew Whiteford.  I want to dig deeper than that.  Let’s talk about his inner-reporter Biff Huckneck, who was born inside a literal gondola in the literal Swiss Alps.  Biff started skiing at the age of 2 and showed star-potential from the start, holding a pole with a Go-Pro in one hand and a microphone in the other. Some of you are thinking–Shellie, there’s no way he had a Go-Pro back then.  Au contraire my friends, which is French for “You’re wrong, Dude.”  Biff was always ahead of his time.” Keep reading….