Watch: Impressive High Flying Aerials

Watch: Impressive High Flying Aerials


Watch: Impressive High Flying Aerials


This video is a depiction of our love and dedication to the sport of Aerial Skiing, it encompasses everything the sport represents. Each and every single person pictured and involved in the making of this project shares at least one common thing – a lasting love for the sport and the community that comes with it.

Since the beginning, freestyle skiing has consisted of the group that wanted to do things just a little differently, the ones that did flips on their skis because they were told they couldn’t or because it was considered too dangerous.

Today it consists of a group doing over twenty flips in a mere five seconds, setting world records at 6:45on a typical Thursday morning, representing an overlooked and underappreciated sport, and throwing up from the uncertainty that we’ll make it to our feet safely.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as us and encourage you to follow Freestyle Aerial Skiing!

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