The Ten Most Hated Skiers of All Time | Haters Gonna Hate

The Ten Most Hated Skiers of All Time | Haters Gonna Hate


The Ten Most Hated Skiers of All Time | Haters Gonna Hate


Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” In a Country song Brad Pasley sings, “The more they run my name, the more my price goes up.”  So … I urge you not feel bad for these skiers, if you’re hated then you’re doing something right. In no specific order here are the ten most hated skiers of all time:

Tanner Hall
–The most controversial skier of all time. Here’s Tanner in a nut shell: Became pro at 15, did a bunch of drugs, stayed pro but continued to hold the ‘rasta’ boy image. Give Tanner a mic and he’ll talk for 20 minutes. Case in point every Powder Video Awards since 2006. Say what you will about T-Hall but he is still the best freeskier to date. He can rip AK lines, Win X games Superpipe and Slopestyle + hold his own in the urban arena. And last we checked he can ski moguls too.

Bode Miller
– Who ever said partying and skiing don’t go together? Well if that’s FIS’ rule I’m out. – This was Body’s motto so he left FIS and started his own racing organization. Miller described the act of skiing wasted and compared it to drunk driving. He has been viewed as the biggest bust in Olympic history and was quoted saying, “It’s been an awesome two weeks, I got to party and socialize at an Olympic level.” Rock star? Not quite, it’s just ski racing.

Jonny Mosley
–The guy who took credit for 360 mute—even though it was JP Acular and JF Cusson who invented the grab—is also the greatest sell out in skiing. Jonny won probably the most memorable Olympic gold medal in freestyle skiing (Nagno 1998), he single handedly changed the sport of freestyle skiing and what’d did he do next? Went into male modeling then on to host the Real Word and Road Rules on MTV, lets not forget about his recent accomplishments on Skating With the Stars. Today Mosley sells out by being the official spokesperson for Squaw Valley USA (previously Telluride).

4bi9 Crew
–The gangster’s of skiing…I mean it was only a matter of time before today’s ski movies started with gunshots right? 4bi9’s athletes flash gang signs every chance they get and lets not forget their teenage shenanigans. But what landed them a spot on this list is the fact that their company 4BI9 stands for 40’s, Blunts, Ice and 9’s.

Dale Begg Smith
–Moves from Canada to Australia because he doesn’t like the Canadian coach. Invents in Internet pop-up’s and makes over a billion dollars (but not without controversy, that his Internet advertising business was linked to the distribution of Malware—malicious software). Continuing… Dale goes on to win Olympic gold in Turin, then places second in the Vancouver Games, but only after he protested the judges. He’s a Canadian but Australia put him on a postage stamp and named him Australian snow sports athlete of the year (haha). He is seen as very wealthy and cocky.

Jon Olsson
–Jon is actually a really nice generous guy. However the fact that he’s a skier and owns a Lamborghini (and now an R8) + multiple other exotic cars and lives amongst the super yachts in Monaco puts him on this list. Jon is a celebrity in Europe. He has sex with hot Swedish women. He races in the GumBolt 5000 and not to mention still gets paid to ski. Tough life. Oh yeah, and one more reason to hate Jon: his 2014 Olympics quest in ski racing was only started to win a $50,000 bet from Ted Ligety.

Lindsey Vonn
–Married her coach who’s 11 years older than her -No big deal because they’re divorced now. She played up the hate vs Mancuso in the last Olympics; publicity stunt? Maybe. Oh yeah, and you can see her showing her stuff in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue and Maxim’s Hot 100. Lindsey has been on Law and Order and countless talk shows. Her net worth is over 3 million.  + She is now dating Tiger Woods.

John McMurry
-John McMurry, AKA: McFee is a pro skier turned rapper. Yeah we’re laughing too… John is originally from Calgary and grew up skiing in the ghetto of Banff and Lake Louise. But in 2002 him and his friends HottNucks, Eazy Mac and St. Lewyy started Loose Canon Playaz (LCP). LCP is an in your face, high-energy rap group now based out of Las Vegas. LCP’s website says: “The groups edge comes from a fearless attitude of unmasking societies truths, cracking over the top jokes, & passionately speaking for the underdogs and dreamers of the world.” Underdogs of the world, because I’m pretty sure you grew up in the upper class hood of Calagary, AB.

Alex Prochazka
Aka: Alex Pro—is probably the least known skier on this list. Alex is a professional skier and even better mountain biker who was publicly ousted on a facebook page set up to identify Vancouver rioters. Lets just say Alex made some bad choices the night the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. You gotta stick up for your home team and riot, right? Because of the incriminating photos, Alex’s sponsors Red Bull, Oakley, and Target dropped him. I guess some learn the hard way.

Rudi Garmisch
-Rudy, from Hot Dog the movie is a three-time FIA champion self-centered European skier who doesn’t like Squaw Valley’s favorite Harkin Banks. He’s a schmuck and that’s basically it.

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