Maine ski resorts blow the first snow of the season!

Maine ski resorts blow the first snow of the season!


Maine ski resorts blow the first snow of the season!


Image from Sugarloaf, Maine

Cold temperatures overnight allowed for two Maine ski resorts to blow the first snow of the season. Both Sugarloaf and Sunday River took advantage of the nighttime lows  to test the snow guns and put down the first snow of the season.

At Sunday River in Newry, Main the overnight low reached 29 degrees, which is 15 degrees colder than normal. The resort fired up 32 of its snow guns on the T2 trail on Locke Mountain.

At Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley, Main the temps reached even lower. Resort officials said the temperature dropped to just 18 degrees overnight.


Sunday River, Maine

Official Report From Sunday River:

September 19, 2014

Sunday River kicked off the winter 2014-15 countdown last night by firing up 32 snowguns on the T2 trail to test our system upgrades that include 170 new snowguns this season.  Plus, we just like making snow.  It’s what we do here, and it’s why we’re able to open early in the season and stay open deep into spring.  See more photos of today’s snowmaking on Facebook and a video below.

What else is new this season on top of the additional snowmaking firepower?  We’re adding a new conveyer loading system to the Spruce Peak Triple that will let us run the lift 20% faster this winter, opening three new glades and a new trail, and buying two new snowcats.  Included in that mix are new HDK Park Guns to boost snowmaking on our T72 terrain park and a new park cat.

Remember, we like to ski and ride on Halloween and will be aiming to do so again this season so get ready.  Before then you’ll want to make sure you buy your Season Pass by October 13 to lock in pre-season savings and book your lodging stays with our Lowest Price Guarantee by October 15 for the best deal. Need a reminder of just how much fun winter is?  Relive last season with the magic ofvideo.

Fall can be a short season here, but it’s also a spectacular one.  You have until mid-October to take advantage of our summer activities, play Sunday River Golf Club and take in one of our events like the new O2X Summit Challenge or Fall Festival and Wife Carrying.

See you soon!

Team Snow

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