BEER – Proven to be Good After Sports Drink

BEER – Proven to be Good After Sports Drink


BEER – Proven to be Good After Sports Drink


beer is good after sports drink

Ski champion Jean Claude Killy boozin’ it up aprés ski

It’s springtime – you ski for 3 hours in the slush, you’re done by 1pm and….you’re drinking at the Chammy….everyday from now until June. Is drinking right after exercising smart?  Of Course It Is!!!!!

Beer has electrolytes, calories, and carbohydrates. All these things are great for the post exercise body.

In a ‘study’ they found that beer is “slightly better” than water at hydrating a human after intense exercise. Slightly better is really not that impressive, but, we’ll take it.  Check out this article about beer being a good post exercise drink:

Even more interesting, is that scientists aren’t even arguing this one anymore: Men should have 2 drinks a day, women 1 drink a day. If this is done, you’ll actually live longer. Hell, this article even says men can have 4 drinks per day and women 2:

It is also proven that as soon as you have more than the allocated amount of alcohol, you’re unequivocally hurting yourself and increasing your chances of disease and death.  Check out this article about how alcohol consumption has been linked to mouth, larynx, breast, liver, and throat cancers:

So what is the moral here?  I supposed it isn’t hard to figure out:  Drink Up!…but not too much.

But, if you do here are some quality Hangover Cures…well, basically it’s just food, sleep, and H2O:

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