Skiing's New It Thing, DRIFTING

Skiing's New It Thing, DRIFTING


Skiing's New It Thing, DRIFTING



Drifting was filmed on March 4th, 2014 in the alpine bohemia called Aspen. Building from Aspen’s influence on American counter-culture, Drifting sought to push the limits of ski-acting and abandon all notions of professional film production.

The skier is seen wearing an all-white outfit and shot in extreme flat light conditions, creating the effect of the skier floating, or Drifting. Charles “Chuck” Mumford (the actor) has the appropriate body type and training to safely perform the drift, while many professional skiers have avoided the drift due to the extreme tension placed on the skiers knees.

The American Medical Association as well as the United States Ski and Snowboard Association have come out strongly against Drifting as an unnecessarily dangerous and unstable body position for alpine skiing.

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