Top 10 Place To Ski This Summer In South America

Top 10 Place To Ski This Summer In South America


Top 10 Place To Ski This Summer In South America


Ski Tim Dutton - Las Lenas Argentina

#1. Las Leñas, Argentina


The ski resort of Las Leñas, Argentina is a whopping 40,000 acres. To put that in prospective the largest ski resort in North America, Whistler Blackcomb, is a mere 8,171 acres! True, it is a huge pain in the ass to get to Las Leñas, but the trip is well worth it. Especially if you hit it on a powder day – the experience is likened to heli-skiing from a chairlift.

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#2. Ski Arpa: Backcountry Cat Skiing & Snowboarding in Chile


Backcountry skiing & riding in the Andes Mountains of Chile. In the shadow of Aconcagua mountain and just 2 hours from Santiago! What more could you really ask for?

Portillo, Chile

#3. Portillo, Chile


If you have never been to South America for Summer skiing and/or only have a week to sneak in a few turns below the equator you might want to think about Portillo, Chile. The resort is located just a short 2.5 hours shuttle ride from the Santiago airport. Most visitors to Portillo book a week long stay at the resort which includes posh lodging, skiing, food and entertainment.

Cerro Catedral - Argentina

#4. Cerro Catedral, Argentina


Cerro Catedral is the largest ski facility in South America. Located on the northern edge of Patagonia the resort offers expansive terrain and some great sidecountry skiing. When your done skiing you can party the night away with beautiful Argentineans in the resort town of Bariloche.


#5. The Three Valleys (El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado), Chile


The 3 Valleys sits high above Santiago, Chile where the snow falls at some of the highest rates anywhere in the world. A 45 minute drive from downtown Santiago, you can make it an easy day trip from the City. You can also save pesos by doing car laps alongside the sketchy switch-back road that brings you to the base of the resorts.

Nevados de chillan

#6. Nevados De Chillan, Chile

Nevados De Chillan is often refereed to as a little Las Leñas. It has built this reputation by having some of the best lift accessed freeride terrain in South America. When your done with your ski day you can soak it up in one of the resorts many hot springs.


#7. Puma Lodge, Chile


If you’re going to be taking your private jet down to South America for a little ski jaunt you might as well head to the only 5-star, heli-ski operation in the southern hemisphere. Accessible only by helicopter in winter months and boasting architectural flair, Puma Lodge is the most decadent ski lodge you’ll find below the equator.


#8. Pucon, Chile


A party and vacation mecca in the summer, Pucon becomes a winter playground June-September. And hey, not only do you get awesome views of the Lake Region, but you’re skiing on an active volcano! Just beware of hanging out downwind of the fumes.


 #9. Cerro Castor, Argentina


If your willing to travel to the bottom of the world you will be rewarded with spectacular skiing on the southern tip of South America at Argentina’s newest ski resort, Cerro Castor. Castor offers up  2,516 feet of vert on 600 acres of South American bliss.


#10. Cerro Mirador, Chile


Cerro Mirador Ski Resort is located inside the Magellan National Reserve in Chile and is the southernmost ski area in the world. This ski and recreational center is run by the Andino Ski Club. Cerra Mirador is especially popular for its stunning views of Punta Arenas, Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan. This is one of the only ski centers in the world with a view to the sea.

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