Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Launches A New Season Of Sony Mind’s Eye

“The days of the classic Teletubby look of a bulky POV camera mounted to the helmet are numbered… instead Sage captures his early winter shredding the Alps during the jump-infused big mountain comp known as the Swatch Skier’s Cup (Team Americas wins again!) with the low-pro Action Cam. An uber-wide 170 degree field of vision helps for up-close pans of tourists as they gape at the Matterhorn, the Carl Zeiss lens keep the view crisp even when Sage’s Phish tour-length mane gets in the way, and the splash-proof body seems to have held up to its first product testing environment in the pow-choked woods around Little Cottonwood Canyon. We think Sage skis too smoothly to have really put the new image stabilizer to the test, but my chattery backseat runs down the blue squares over at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are certainly up to the task. Sony’s new Action Cam also features superb audio – key for catching those “Is it on?!” moments in the singles line of the most bad boy lift at your home hill.” – Teton Gravity Research