Sexy Euro Ski Instructors Strip Down for Racy 2014 Calendar

Sexy Euro Ski Instructors Strip Down for Racy 2014 Calendar


Sexy Euro Ski Instructors Strip Down for Racy 2014 Calendar


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A few weeks ago we reported on the Mexican playboy, Hubertus von Hohenlohe, who will be competing in the slalom at the Sochi Olympics in a mariachi-themed racing suit. As it turns out, von Hohenlohe also puts out an annual calendar of sexy euro ski instructors.

Former Miss Austria and Rainer Schoenfelder have been part of the cult calendar for the past ten years. The ski instructor calendar is one of the most popular calendars in the world.

In 2010 in the USA edition of the year, the calendar makers Gerhard Lucian and Thomas Ebster had a special highlight with Julia Mancuso, Marco Büchel, Marc Girardelli and several other stars.

The former Miss Austria Amina Dagi from Bludenz, who works in Stuben am Arlberg as a teacher, was photographed with Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe. The shoot took place 3000-meter-high on a stone roof and the former Miss Austria posed notably on the “staircase to nowhere” – a more than impressive scene that caused quite a stir.

Another highlight is the commitment by Rainer Schoenfelder, the unforgettable slalom star and this year’s Dancing Stars winner, for the men’s calendar. The worldwide patented Skolders (ski holders), that serve those who do not like skis on their shoulder, but prefer to hold skis comfortably, was also presented during the shoot. The artists were photographed in a total of seven ski resorts around the world including Garmisch, the Arlberg, Brandner, Cortina, Dachstein, Lebanon and at the unmistakable Matterhorn in Zermatt.

This edition is limited to 1000 pieces. You can order one here 

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