Best Après Ski Bars Outside North America

Best Après Ski Bars Outside North America


Best Après Ski Bars Outside North America


Photo courtesy of Awaybytti

Today we bring you a list of the most iconic / fun après bars in Europe, Austaralia and South America, as suggested by Unofficial readers.

Photos courtesy of Jaunt Magazine & Family Ski News

La Folie Douce, Val d’Isère

The French came up with the word and do it justice with this place.

Drink of choice: Vin chaud (hot wine), it might look/taste harmless, but watch out for the hard alchohol

Photos courtesy of More Than Skiing & Schwaebische

Mooserwirt, St Anton

The French may have coined the name, but Austrians invented the dance-on-bar-with-ski-boots party theme that has become synonymous with European après-ing. The party atmosphere and beers served at the Mooserwirt, make its seem like everyday is Oktoberfest, but on skis.

Drink of choice: the bigger the beer the better.

Photo courtesy of Pub Mont Fort

Pub Mont Fort, Verbier

It’s no wonder “The Pub” is the world’s largest consumer of Carlsberg beer – with après everyday and a party every night. Tip: watch out for the fire shots and naked Finns.

Drink of choice: Carlsberg obviously.

Photo courtesy of Faction Skis

Après at Farinet, Verbier

By far the craziest place to celebrate a good day skiing. Just watch out for ski boots to the head from all the people dancing on the bar and tabletops.

Drink of choice: Anything in a shot-ski.

Photo courtesy of Concrete Playground

Schuss Bar, Thredbo Australia

If you are looking for a go-to après bar while down under, this is your place. And if a few après drinks aren’t enough to quench your thirst,  the Schuss Bar only gets more rowdy as the night goes on.

Drink of choice: NOT Fosters

Photo courtesy of Las Lenas Ski

UFO Point, Las Leñas (Argentina)

You have to wonder how this place gets so packed considering the nearest town to Las Lenas, Malargue, is over an hour away and holds an annual vote deciding whether to stay on the grid. Regardless, you have to hand it to the Argentinians, they definitely know how to party.

Drink of choice: Fernet con Coca, if you’re not drinking this, you’re not in Argentina.



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