President Putin Back On The Slopes In 2013

President Putin Back On The Slopes In 2013


President Putin Back On The Slopes In 2013


The Kremlin has announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will be back on his skis this season.  President Putin, who is a passionate skier, was instrumental in bringing the 2014 Winter Olympics to the Russian city of Sochi.

The Kremlin has reported Putin will be skiing at the resorts outside of Sochi for the Russian winter holidays in January. “He skis beautifully and precisely,” the Russian government controlled newspaper Izvestiya said of Putin’s skiing abilities.

While on the slopes Mr. Putin and his entourage will be protected by 15 officers of the Federal Guard who have received special training (a 148-hour skiing course) to protect the Russian politicians and other dignitaries while they are on the hill. If your looking for a body gaurd of your own to hit the slopes with this winter you might want to check out Michael Mason – The Skiing Bodyguard.


Putin watch Sochi’s first big ski event ahead of 2014 Winter Olympics

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