That’s right, Squaw popped the Mother Ship today and skiing was all time!  Nearly everything on the top 2/3rd’s of KT was absolutely ripping, and then there was a bit of combat skiing to be done out the bottom.  High winds kept the upper mountain shut down, but KT East was plenty for today.

The conditions:


  • Ripping Dead Tree laps
  • Chute 75 was drifting in quite nice
  • Oly Lady chair line harbored both pow and ice
  • Wind Slabs developed on west face (be careful in the backcountry everyone!)

Upper Mountain

  • On Wind Hold
  • Funi Cars taken off the line in expectation of high winds

Overall the skiing was quite fun today, and it felt good to have the Moth Ship back on the schedule…and just in time for Powder Armageddon!  If you’re thinking about heading into the backcountry, bare in mind there is a lingering persistent weak layer, that if triggered will likely propagate into a large slide.

Have fun and be safe out there!

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