Carrying Your Skis Properly - A Lesson for Gapers

Carrying Your Skis Properly - A Lesson for Gapers

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Carrying Your Skis Properly - A Lesson for Gapers


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Photo: Sports Illustrated

We’ve all seen it. Walking through the village or worse trying to hike up Spanky’s Ladder on a pow day is the tourist who CAN’T CARRY THEIR SKIS PROPERLY!!

WTF is with these people? I can handle the dumb questions, the bad driving, and the drunken idiots who wear their ski boots through the village at 2 a.m. What the hell? They’re on vacation.

What I can’t handle is the plethora of idiots walking around who can’t seem to grasp that carrying skis is not rocket science.

Don’t you people realize when you constantly drop your skis or stab an innocent civilian with your ski tips or scissor yourself that your little carry system is NOT WORKING?


Let’s go over some basics so:

a) you can stroll through the village and look like a pro

b) you won’t fall down on the hike up from Showcase and crash into some crusty local who will bite your head off and make your wife cry.

First, don’t balance them on your shoulder. Have you tried walking around town with a 6ft wooden plank balanced on your shoulder and had great success? Think people. Use those brains of yours. The object is to carry them so they are STABLE on your shoulder. And this entails a little cantilever motion as depicted by the Legend himself in the photo below:

The Legend Carrying His Skis

How not to do it, even if you’re one of the X-Men:

Wolverine Goes Skiing

So do yourself a favour and learn to carry those super sweet carving skis around with style. It’s not hard. We do it everyday. And you can too. Just take a moment to consider others’ safety and use some bloody sense, dingbat.

Be safe and ski hard.

Carrying skis

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