Drift HD Ghost | Unofficial Gear Review

Drift HD Ghost | Unofficial Gear Review


Drift HD Ghost | Unofficial Gear Review


This review comes in from recently engaged pro telemarkers Weston Deutschlander and Shaun Raskin. The pair of free heelin’ rippers have had a chance to check out this new video taking tool and here are some of the highlights of what they have to say.

Running out the door trying to remember everything can be a very trying thing to do.  The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the camera that you used yesterday will still hold its charge today. Say for instance that day was -10 degrees Fahrenheit and you did a lot of filming.  With the Drift HD Ghost, worry no more.  The three hour charge (record time) can last for days, especially when you use the intuitive menu of the Drift and turn off the LCD screen between shots.  Speaking of the Ghost’s menu, it is so easy to use that even on top of a mountain in a blizzard and howling wind you can follow the icons to adjust nearly every part of the camera.

Now you are on top of said mountain and ready to drop in.  You clip the camera to your goggle or helmet mount and are ready to go (both included).  Are you recording?  With the Ghost you will never ask that question again.  The two-way remote communicates between the camera and the remote, visually showing you (via LED’s on the remote) whether you are recording video, photo, timelapse or photoburst. Also coming out shortly will be a wi-fi app which will allow you to view what the camera sees, download images to social media, and change settings.

So you shred the line and are so pumped that you have to see it again. Right then and there, in the field.  You pop the camera off the mount and following the intuitive menu watch what you just captured.  Don’t like it?  Took too much space up on your card?  Delete it right then and there.

Check out the full review on their blog TheLifeUnbound.com. 

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