My POV before dropping into the Trinity Chutes on Mt. Shasta with the Praxis BPS.
My POV before dropping into the Trinity Chutes on Mt. Shasta with the Praxis BPS.

Take advantage of one more opportunity to get on a pair of skis specially made for you! From now until the end of October locally owned and produced Praxis Skis is offering a 20% discount to all Unofficial Networks readers with the coupon code: UNOFFICIAL. Not only that, but until October 15th customizing your order is FREE! 

Not sure what customizing your order entails? No worries, check out this link and get educated about all the options that come with customizing a ski order with Praxis.

All of the 2013 skis are in stock now and ready to ship so if you get your order is asap you’ll be assured that your skis will be in hand for when the snow flies!

Praxis team skier and ski crafter Kevin O’Meara sending yet another huck in impeccable style on Praxis Skis. Photo Credit: powdermag

Checking in from Praxis HQ preseason sales have been amazing. This early season was their first ever made-to-order production run. The goal to make a ski, customize the order, give the option to choose from a large library of graphic choices, and chose a flex specifically to fit a particular skier has been more than well received. The upgrade options for  adding a carbon fiber layup, beautiful wood veneer topskin, or to custom design and submit personal graphic art has also been a hit. Customers are fired up and Praxis is too!

From the crew at Praxis:

“The custom ski buying option has always been the goal here at Praxis Skis. We want to make specific skis for a specific someone. Its always great to see a name on the cores we build, not just a number. Its all about the builders and designers conversing directly with the customer to create more than a ski. First, we consider the basic details of height, weight, and skiing ability and then we factor in just what specifically the customer is looking for from the ski. Second, we determine which one of our 14 highly tested and proven models is going to be the best option. And third, we further dial that ski model in to better fit the individual customer,  both physically and personally.

Building custom skis isn’t easy and as you have noticed from other companies that have these options it is typically very expensive. At Praxis we are not trying to design a totally custom shape and ski for each customer. That would be very difficult and probably not that great of a ski, what we are doing is more like what a boot fitter does with your ski boots. We are taking a tested and proven shape/design and adjusting the details of that design to better fit the individual skier.”

Kevin O’Meara at Praxis HQ building your next pair of dream skis. Photo Credit: Tahoe Daily Tribune

Praxis has been killing it for years now all the while staying true to the overall mission to “provide a higher quality, skier-crafted product, use better materials, customize it to fit, and offer it for nearly a third of the money that our competitors are charging!”

Of note to those of you ready to pull the trigger is delivery on custom orders from this sale should start November 1st if you get your order in by October 15th. However, all orders will be filled by December 7th, and if you prefer to take advantage of the 20% off UNOFFICIAL coupon and grab one of the Praxis standard edition skis that are currently in stock, those will ship right away. I personally can’t wait to rock a custom crafted pair of Freerides this upcoming season in my continual quest to find the best touring ski for the Sierra Nevada. I’m stoked to see how many of you jump on this deal. It’s always obvious how excited people are on their Praxis sticks every big pow day of the season at Squaw, Alpine and the Bowl. Get fired up people, winter is almost here, and there’s no better deal out there on a brand-spanking new pair of hand crafted skis!

The Unofficial Networks custom ski by Praxis.











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