TEAM ICELANTIC: Eye of the Condor 2012, Awarded “Best Video” from Sprout Films on Vimeo.


Team Icelantic took home the prize for Best Video at the Eye of the Condor down in La Parva. Team Icelantic was the only all-female team and definitely made female skier population proud. Personally I thought the video was killer and then they went ahead and put in “Dreamweaver,” and skyrocketed their film to a whole other level. The movie features some insight from the skiers as to what it is about the mountains that causes us to immerse ourselves in them. Stellar Editing. Stellar Skiing. Great work ladies.

Dreamweaver by Gary Wright (not the Icelantic Eye of the Condor Video that featured the song)


From Sprout Films on Vimeo:

“Team Icelantic represented with style at The Eye of the Condor 2, a 7 day photo and video competition in La Parva, Chile this August, bringing home the title for “Best Video 2012”. The film was directed, filmed, and edited by Katy-Robin Garton of Sprout Films, photographed by Roberta Rebori of Roberta Rebori Photography, from Chile; and Representing Icelantic on skis is Kaylin Richardson, Alex Taran, Rebecca Selig, and Annelise Loevlie.

Before converging in La Parva on the first day of the competition, the group had never met, let alone worked together. This was also Sprout Film’s first ever venture into the ski film world. Incredible experience with phenomenal women. Viva Chile!

Special thanks to the La Parva team and the musicians who shared their music- Milton Menasco, One Self, Eligh, and Cholita Sound.”

Sprout Films


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