Yesterday, federal climate scientists announced that the first half of 2012 has been the hottest on record for the United States. According to the report from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center 100 cities have posted their warmest first six months on record. From January to June, a whopping 22,356 daily record high temperatures have been set across the USA but only 2,448 daily record lows during the timeframe.


  • Winter 2012 = 4th Warmest on Record for USA
  • Spring 2012 = 4th Warmest on Record for USA
  • 100 Cities had their warmest first six months on record.
  • 28 States had their warmest first six months on record.
  • Chicago is almost 7 degrees warmer than average this year.
  • 56% of the country was in a drought in June
  • Only Maine was not in either a drought or “abnormally dry”
  • 43% of the nation’s pastures and rangelands are in “poor” or “very poor” condition.
  • 2.6 million acres has been charred in wildfires this year
  • Through May, the Earth saw its 11th-warmest year on record.

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