Photo Credit: Schmidt and Plake getting ready for complete raddness in Chamonix (where can we get a pair of those gloves Scot?!?!)

Where would we be without ski porn? Watching others slay pow and go big has made its mark on just about everyone who slaps a board or two sticks on their feet. From Warren Miller and Dick Barrymore back in the day, to TGR and MSP in the now, ski movies have had a profound effect on us all. We all have our collective favorites, and in the end, some movies continue to get mentioned again and again, and keep getting watched and watched.

While we understand the inherent subjectivity of such a list, we still want to know from you our readers, what do you think are the top 10 best ski movies of all-time? There are other lists out there, but, meh-we can do better!

Maybe this will take you 30 seconds to type, maybe you’ll be in a contemplative mindset for the rest of the day. Here’s a list we came up with, and we know we forgot a bunch, so let us know, and let’s see what we come up with.

G.N.A.R. (The new undisputed #1?)

There’s Something About McConkey (McConkey at his best)

Immersion (A soulful flick from Scott Gaffney)

1999 (Footage of one of  Squaw’s best winters)

Walls of Freedom (How many Squaw ski bums were brought out here from this flick?)

Last of the Ski Bums (One of the originals that started it all)


Daydreams (The Craig Beck Classic)

The Blizzard of AAHHH’s (Usually, and for good reason, the movie that sits atop the list)

License to Thrill (Great Squaw footage, classic Plake action)

P-Tex, Lies, and Duct Tape (An honorable mention in a quiver of rad Greg Stump flicks)

Lines of Influence (A local Tahoe flick you need to watch)

Extreme Skiing 3, The Scot Schmidt Story (What more needs to be said here?)

TB Series (Standard Films is about to release their 20th film this season! Best snowboard porn ever!)

Hot Dog…The Movie (People are still trying to live this dream, people)

Deeper (A great vision, from a great group of riders)

Ski Movie 1, 2, and/or 3 (MSP getting it done with laughter and style)

Yearbook (Many call this the best of MSP)

Global Storming (A dirt-bag classic)

Teddybear Crisis (This one’s for the jibbers out there)

Better Off Dead (Just point it Lane Meyer!)

Ski Patrol (If you saw this when you were young, you probably wanted to move to a ski town shortly thereafter)

Ski School (This one might be on the list more so for it’s cover, and also for the Whistler fans out there)

Aspen Extreme (“like a fish”…amazing line right there, and so many more. Cougars got really popular after this one)

Downhill Racer (The 1969 classic that helped bring ski culture to national attention)

The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond getting gnar)

Swift. Silent. Deep. (Epic documentary on the Jackson Hole Air Force)

Mind the Addiction (One of TGR’s best and most revered films)

Deep and Light (Warren Miller’s first flick-done in 1949!)

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