One year ago the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in Game Seven. After the loss the City Roited. The Vancouver Riot | One Year Ago Today | Unofficial Networks

The Vancouver Riot | One Year Ago Today

The Vancouver Riot | One Year Ago Today


The Vancouver Riot | One Year Ago Today


My NHL playoff experience this year was completely opposite from the previous year. Ya see last year, my team -the Vancouver Canucks- made it to the Stanley Cup Finals and pushed a game seven against the Boston Bruins. Then, when we (the fans) were so positive that our team would win game seven at home, so certain because we’d never won a cup, thought it was made-to-be because of Canucks 40th anniversary  …. We Lost. And following the loss the city Rioted.

June 14. Stanley Cup Parade. Los Angles. NOT A RIOT

This year the Los Angles Kings beat out the Canucks (in round 1) and went on to win the Stanley Cup in Game six against the New Jersey Devils.  After the loss in New Jersey, Newark didn’t riot. And after the win in Los Angles, LA didn’t riot.

Los Angles. Stoked after the win.

I mean I know Hockey is what Canada lives for -but a riot in Vancouver ? ? I still have a bitter taste in my mouth, and it’s not the tear gas.

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