Paul Raymore going big in Sevenmile
Paul Raymore going big in Sevenmile

The Line of the Week
Lake Powell

Cliff Jumping

With perfect temps and mellow crowds, we cruised Lake Powell in high fashion, slow and steady. The water was glassy, warm and calm and the landscape was tremendous. Cliff jumping was not the goal of the trip but how can you deny perfection? It was staring us right in the face. You can jump off anything you want there, big, small, whatever. It’s all cliffs and the water is deep! We were out on a 4-day paddle trip on Lake Powell last week and whenever it was time to cool off it was time to huck off something. All that was necessary was choosing an accessible location, not slipping on your butt climbing off the board, stepping to edge and hucking your meat.

Amie Engerbretson's first huck off "Airforce Llama".

“Lake Powell is a cliff jumping dreamland. With millions of potential cliffs to jump off of ranging in size from 10 to 100+ feet, and water temperatures that were refreshing rather than take-your-breath-away-freezing, the only tough decision was how many times I wanted to stop our posse and make them wait for me to jump off something. With a photographer in the crew it was pretty hard to pass up the chance to jump off something fun constantly. With every jump, my only worry was accidentally slurping up one of the floating blobs of jellyfish-shaped algae floating in the lake upon resurfacing.” – Paul Raymore

Cliff Jumping is everywhere here!

“The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to stuff to jump off in Lake Powell. The terrain you are working with is basically a half full grand canyon, so the water is ultra deep and all the landings are good to go. It is like a cliff jumper’s playground; everywhere you look there is somewhere to jump. It’s pretty much the ultimate location to play around and huck yourself into the air!” – Amie Engerbretson

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