Apparently, marijuana floats

8,000 pounds (4 tons) of Marijuana was found floating 15 miles off the Orange County, California coastline near Dana Point.  The estimated value of this “slice of cheese” is $3 million.

The explanation for this = none.  Maybe it was headed to a ski town near you?

Marijuana is often found off the CA coast, but it’s always the result of a smuggler pitching the cargo overboard during a coast guard chase.

The actual marijuana bags found in the ocean

No arrests have been made in this case.  

Marijuana floating off the California and Florida coast is common enough to have coined a name:  the “Square Grouper.”

the legendary “Square Grouper"

Why this post has relevance to the ski industry:  “oh, c’mon, you know why.”

“Smoking Weed & Skiing…A Winning California Combination?”

If you’d have rolled up on this “catch”, what would you have done with it?

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