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Family Tree's Intersection 2012 Submission

Family Tree's Intersection 2012 Submission


Family Tree's Intersection 2012 Submission


“I used to ski with my legs, and I couldn’t do that any more so I learned to ski with my heart”. These words actually gave me shivers they were delivered with such passion. Makes you think about how much the mountain lifestyle really means to you.

Ryan Kenny did a really good job showing peoples stories and a wide range of what gives people such a love for the mountains, with a variety of riding and some short audio clips from  riders at different stages in their riding/lives. 

This was one of my favourites this year. Stories aside, Family Tree really got after it. They rode big lines, did some good old fashioned adventurin and threw some big moves while telling a story about the drive that keeps us all excited to get out in the mountains as much as we can.

Good job boys, we’re looking forward to what you come up with next year.

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