Surf’s up bra! Grab your wetsuit and Guinness and head to Ireland, because last month it was going off. There aren’t any bikini-clad blondes or palm trees to distract you at Mullaghmore Head, but in March the waves were huge. Apparently Mullaghmore has some amazing big wave surfing, but remains under the radar for reasons nobody can pinpoint. 

If you are aching for cold weather to bring back feelings of winter than this video just might do the trick. Or, if you have had a deficit of artsy eye-ball shots and hardened Irish mugs in a video then you are in luck too. And if you are doubting the fact that the surfing can be epic in Ireland than check the surfers involved: Ollie O’Flaherty isn’t from Hawaii. Enjoy this well-made tour of the Irish countryside and monster waves.

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