Here's a Message from Whistler Blackcomb explaining why the Alpine Closed and clarifying the new signage in CBC. Message from Whistler Blackcomb | Alpine Closed Due to High Avi Danger & the New CBC Signage | Unofficial Networks

Message from Whistler Blackcomb | Alpine Closed Due to High Avi Danger & the New CBC Signage

Message from Whistler Blackcomb | Alpine Closed Due to High Avi Danger & the New CBC Signage


Message from Whistler Blackcomb | Alpine Closed Due to High Avi Danger & the New CBC Signage


Spring for us is slushy park laps and long hours the GLC. The beers taste better than they did in December and the girls look hotter, or maybe it’s just Whistler cabin fever. Many who enjoy spring -on the patio- may forget that the ski patrol is still busting their ass so we can continue to play safe through to the end of the season:

Patrol continues to work hard to make Blackcomb Mountain as safe as possible for guests to enjoy until the ski season ends on May 28. Avalanche avoidance remains a focus of our operations team; with 125cm of snow so far in April, the late season snowfall, deep snowpack, and fluctuating spring temperatures can result in high avalanche hazards and changing conditions on the mountain hourly. This can result in sudden closures of the alpine, especially in areas where explosives don’t always mitigate all avalanche hazards. If areas remain closed for avalanche avoidance issues, please respect this and let the operations team work to safely open the terrain as soon as possible.

Another safety message we would like to remind guests, please do not move, turn, or tamper with any on-mountain signage. Guests who turn signs around or open a boundary line could be investigated by the RCMP as they are putting themselves, other guests, and Whistler Blackcomb staff at risk with potentially fatal consequences. “Persons who tamper with mountain signage and put people at risk may be subject to a criminal investigation,” warns Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair of the Whistler Pemberton RCMP. “Police will not hesitate to recommend criminal charges including Criminal Negligence, Mischief Endangering Life or other appropriate charges under the Criminal Code if a person’s actions harm innocent people.” Any guest caught tampering with patrol signs in any way, or who are caught in Permanently Closed areas, will be banned from Whistler Blackcomb for one year from the date of the offense. 

Guests are asked to remain respectful of Patrol throughout the spring ski season. Guests who avoid Patrol or instigate on on-mountain chase will have their pass privileges revoked. Whistler Blackcomb has received 1374cm (541 inches) of snow so far this year, making for epic spring conditions. Let’s take advantage of the incredible conditions and have a safe and positive end to a great season.


The “NEW” CBC Signage

We admit that we’ve used one of the many rope lines to aid in our ski through cliffs in CBC. We didn’t sneak around any permanently closed signs or Do Not Enter postings. We just dropped straight down from the top of the sidestep in search of a new line. We found a new line … and scared the shit of ourselves in the process.  What we didn’t think about was our tracks into the death cliff zone and who might follow. Little joey? maybe.

Like us, you may have questioned the “new” signage atop of CBC. Here’s what’s up:

Whistler Blackcomb Patrol installed “Permanently Closed” signs near the CBC trees to make it completely clear where people were entering the closed area.  Far skier’s right of CBC trees has always been permanently closed and after having to make frequent rescues from the area, Patrol installed the signs for the safety of skiers and riders, and to clearly communicate this area is indeed permanently closed, as some guests were not clear on this point. This increased signage will also be present next year. 

For more information about mountain safety at Whistler Blackcomb please visit

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