JJ Schiller huge backy

This past weekend the Freeskiing World Tour held their final event, The Freeskiing World Championships down in Kirkwood, CA. Kirkwood has arguably the gnarliest venue on the FWT tour. The Cirque is a permanently closed area at Kirkwood and this is where the event went down. Day 1 was lookers right, Day 2 was lookers left. The venue is long, steep face covered in features. I feel there are endless line choices if talent allows. There are also several closeouts, lots of exposure, and some of the sickest terrain anywhere. 

Some of the terrain the Cirque offers.

If you’ve never been to an FWT event then you’re missing out. The FWT is actually a ski event, not just a giant party. Sometimes though it’s hard to distinguish. The events’ feature some of the best freeskiers in the world (a large portion of the event were European or Canadian) on some of the gnarliest terrain the earth has to offer us. 50 foot backflips over massive exposure are not uncommon. JJ Schiller did just that this weekend.

JJ Schiller getting upside down at the top of the Cirque

The finish area was packed full of spectators grilling out, drinking beer, Sake and Fireball. The snowball fights got intense and there is always excitement around. Who knows what the next competitor, friend, or local is going to do. Josh Anderson skied his run naked.  Enough said. 

A pretty big snowball fight went down

The event was a qualifier on Thursday with the top competitors making it to the main event starting Friday. One run went down on Friday afternoon. Both the girls and the guys put together some pretty sick skiing. A lot of going upside down, a lot of gnarly lines and some fast airs. Josh Daiek’s line stood out the most, launching a double and carrying to much speed out to stop before the end of the venue.

Day 1 venue, getting rad

If you haven’t been to an FWT event,  check one out. They are all over the place. Snowbird, Kirkwood, Crested Butte, Revelstoke, and a few stops down South over the summer. I’m sure that you will be impressed, inspired, and have a better time skiing the next time you decide to “get rad”. Here are some pics I shot this past weekend:

Good look at some of the exposure the Cirque offers
Davis Souza heading out of the start.


Big Cork 3 Day 1
Getting Weightless
Nice tracks... Day 1
Little Double on the Cirque
A little over the double on the Cirque
Just a bit of Exposure. Day 1
Going big at the top of the Day 2 venue
Davis Souza up top, day 2

Davis S Getting upside down
Sean Collin with a big 3 at the bottom of Day 2
Sean Collin Day 2, gettin rad
Sean Collin sending it, top air Day 2
Competitors were backflipping everything.... this one was big
Big Cork 3, natural feature.. No park jump or landing
Check out the slough.. sick line
Day 2 went off

Crystal Wright won the event for the girls, and Josh Daiek won the event for the guys. Both took the overall titles as well. 

I have a lot more pictures, so if you see yourself in any pictures or competed in the event, leave a comment. I’ll see what I can do to get you some shots.



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