This goes out to all the haters!  People that do not really know what has been going on and make judgments from a single video.  Do your homework, maybe you were in class sitting in homeroom when this busted out on the scene, before HD, before Whiteford, before everyone else biting on putting your go pro on a pole, before MSP the way I see it, before it all. 

Filmed 2008-2009 season by John Wells.  2nd Place TGR “POV Contest of the Year”.  Judged by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa.  If that isn’t enough credit than maybe I should just quit skiing and take up copying everyone else and calling it mine, just like the rest of the industry.

More to come, to remind all of you that 2008 was 4 years ago and that your 80’s rock music that you got last week is a little late, just like your Go Pro edit.

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25 replies on “The Original POV – Circa 2008. Check the dates /// Mindset of the Future POV 09”