Alyeska ski resort on March 14th, 2012
Alyeska ski resort on March 14th, 2012. photo: alyeska ski resort

Alyeska has gotten 791 inches of snow since October 1st and 704 inches since November 1st.  They have 138” base at mid-mountain.  With most of the West hurting for snow, this 791 inches sounds like the promise land.  If there was ever a year to go to Alaska for a springtime trip, this is the year.  At Squaw, we’ve only gotten 274 inches of snow this year.

Alyeska’s highest snowfall year was 2000/2001 when they saw 939 inches.

Last year Alyeska had one of it’s worst winters ever when they only got a lowly 515 inches of snow (most big snow ski resorts average less than this).

Check out the past 10 years at Alyeska:

2010-2011 515″
2009-2010 880″
2008-2009 616″
2007-2008 875″
2006-2007 668″
2005-2006 710″
2004-2005 657″
2003-2004 763″
2002-2003 557″
2001-2002 606″
2000-2001 939″
1999-2000 818″

Damn, that’s a lotta snow.



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