Powder Alert, Mt Baker 1-2 Feet x 3

Powder Alert, Mt Baker 1-2 Feet x 3


Powder Alert, Mt Baker 1-2 Feet x 3


The snow this weekend will be focused on the Pacific NW.  Mt. Baker has the most snow so far this season with 317 inches outside of Alyeska in Alaska which has picked up 488 inches.  Wolf Creek in Colorado where the avalanche occured is not far behind with 312 inches so far.  Mt. Baker will be getting several more feet of snow this week and that snow is already coming down as we speak.

By Sunday we should see 1-2 feet in the Cascades from the Canadian border down to Mt. Hood with up to 3 feet on the highest peaks.  This is a cold storm with snow levels below 2000 ft. so this will be some light blower pow.  That snow will then head to Wyoming and then Colorado, but it will bring snowfall on the order of several inches instead of feet through Monday.

Here is TWC’s snowfall forecast map which maxes at 12 inches in 48 hours so obviously off the chart for the Cascades.

There will be more snow with the next storm on Tuesday into Wednesday but the snow levels will come up to 5000 ft. before dropping back down to 3000 ft. on Wednesday. Areas that receive all snow should pick up another 1-2 feet but down on the ski slopes of Baker and Snoqualmie we could see a change to rain for a time with this storm.  Should be as much of an issue for Mt. Hood and no issue for Mt. Bachelor.

This storm will also work down through the Northern half of the Rockies bringing several more inches of snow from Wyoming to Northern Colorado.  That is before the 3rd storm moves into the Pacific NW by Friday.  The Northeast also has a chance of some light snow Wednesday into Thursday and again Friday but it doesn’t look like more than a few inches. 

Here is the total snowfall forecast for the week showing more than the 2 feet it maxes out at for the Cascades of Washington.  1-2 feet down into Oregon, for the Jackson area, and Northern Colorado near Steamboat.


So let’s look at the total precipitation forecast to get a better idea of the total snowfall potential.  The solid yellow shows where we could see over 2 feet in Oregon, Northern Idaho, and a little dot on the Colorado/Wyoming border. In Washington we are looking at a week total of 4-6 feet where it is all snow in the lighter orange and over 6 feet for the highest peaks in the darker orange circle.


So we will continue to add to the 300 inches.  The pattern for week 2 should bring even more snow but the storms may push a bit further South towards Tahoe finally.  BA


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