Rail bail from Voleurz "That's Fine"
Rail bail from Voleurz "That's Fine"
The top skiers and riders aren’t always perfect. Check out these crash reels from a few of 2011’s best ski and snowboard films…

Each year Voleurz releases the bail reel of their past film. If you haven’t seen the actual film it is available free for viewing at voleruz.com. Definitely worth a watch, especially with Josh Stacks ender part that revolutionized both ski and board movies.

Next we have Poorboyz‘ Crash Reel for the Grand Bizarre. As this film involved some massive park and pow jumps, and high risk urban features,when the boys are going big, were bound to see some big falls along with it.

The last bail reel is a little bit different. Peepshow might be an all girls crew, but when it comes to snowboarding, they could probably beat 95% of us guys on the hill. They took their fall footage and compiled this all time crash edit from their flicks including Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow and Winter Wars.


These video’s are a testament to the effort and sacrifice put into today’s ski and snowboard flicks, or at very least a good laugh!

Tell us below which bail you thought looked the worst!

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