Jackson has snow. Tahoe does not. With a storm puking 30″ on the Tetons just before New Years, these factors equate to: road trip for the Cali crew.

Under the wings of a small flock of locals, Miles and Wolf get a sampling of good ‘ol holiday lines, inbounds shred, and a smattering of sidecountry with nary a slide in our group.

Yes, we in JH are enjoying snow- but it’s currently hiding lots of obstacles and comes with instabilities…so check yo self, foo!

High fives and fist pounds abound
Miles Clark drove all the way to Jackson and all he got was the awkward fist bump to high five mix up.
The Grand Teton, Jackson, WY
Oui, le Grand Teton. Ooh la la!
Annetts off a Rock Springs cliff
Matt Annetts about to stomp into a presumably safe landing.
Moose eating willows
The swamp donkey yearns for you. And you'll take it.

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