Afghan Ski Challenge 2012: No Weapons Allowed!

Afghan Ski Challenge 2012: No Weapons Allowed!


Afghan Ski Challenge 2012: No Weapons Allowed!


The Afghan Ski Challenge is a freeride ski race, which takes place every March in Bamiyan Province, Central Afghanistan. The event is organized by the Bamiyan Ski Club and open to all. The founding members of the Bamiyan Ski Club include skiing enthusiasts from Afghanistan and Switzerland. The aim is to promote of skiing and tourism in the Bamiyan region.



  • Koh-e-Baba Mountain Range, Bamiyan Province, Central Afghanistan, approximately 180km west of the capital Kabul.


  • Downhill, Overall Distance: 7 Kilometers, Overall difference in altitude: 1200 Metres. Lowest Point: 2900, Highest Point 3400.


  • No weapons.
  • Everyone starts at the same time.
  • The winner is the first person to cross the finish line having successfully registered at all the check points along the way.
  • Skis and Snow Boards are allowed


First place: The Afghan Ski Challenge Trophy, Tissot Touch Expert Titan. Honorary mention in the Afghan Ski Challenge Hall of Fame. Honorary Membership of the Bamiyan Ski Club.Second and third place: Tissot Touch Stainless Steel.

– ENTRY FEES The event is free to Afghan Nationals; all others need to contribute US$800. All entrants are issued with an exclusive Afghan Ski Challenge jacket and the Afghan Ski Challenge T-Shirt These have been produced especially for the event by the Outdoor-Experts from Mammut. Half of all proceeds go to supporting our commitment for Girls Schools in the Bamiyan Region.

SAFETY AND SECURITY The mountains of Afghanistan are not the Alps nor the Rocky Mountains. There is no mountain rescue service nor avalanche warning systems in place and local medical facilities are basic. Mobile phone service is patchy at best and non existant in the mountains. Although the province of Bamiyan is known as one of the safest in Afghanistan, the current political situation across the country is far from stable. We strongly advise all participants to arrange insurance before entering the competition and consider suitable personal security measures if desired. All participants take part solely at their own risk.

To register for the Afhgan Ski Challenge 2012 and all other inquiries, please contact:

 Afghanistan is a paradise for those with a love of the mountains and mountain people. The Hindu Kush mountain range bisects the country and is one of the least explored ranges in the world. The opportunities for adventurous ski touring, trekking and climbing are almost unlimited. The mountains are also home to a number of peaceful minority groups in Afghanistan. The Hazara of Bamian, the Wakhi of the Wakhan and the Kyrgyz of The Afghan Pamir are all extremely hospitable and live in a world far removed from the troubles affecting the rest of the country.

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