Unofficial Beer | Founders Brewing Co. & Epic Planks Collaborate on 2012 Models

Unofficial Beer | Founders Brewing Co. & Epic Planks Collaborate on 2012 Models


Unofficial Beer | Founders Brewing Co. & Epic Planks Collaborate on 2012 Models



(images courtesy of Founders Brewing Co and Epic Planks)

Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids, MI announced last week that they have partnered with Epic Planks, a grassroots ski and board manufacturer in Belmont, MI. Epic Planks will release some of their popular models featuring the brewery’s unique packaging artwork.


(images courtesy of Founders Brewing Co.)

The following is from Founder’s web site:

The snowboard in the new Founders line comes in the Stash Park and Stash AMP models and incorporates artwork from Founders’ winter seasonal Imperial IPA, Double Trouble ($425 retail for both boards, including tax). The skis come in either Epic Planks’ first model and flagship, the Crop Duster, or the Vaporizer, and are designed based on Founders’ newest year-round beer, All Day IPA, which will be released in February 2012 ($745 retail for Crop Duster, $690 retail for Vaporizer; both include tax).

(images courtesy of Epic Planks)

“Founders and Epic Planks have so much in common,” says James Barber, one of the owners of Epic Planks. “We’re both about enjoying life and being more than just a couch decoration.”

 “We really respect what these guys are doing,” adds Founders Brewing Co. President and CEO, Mike Stevens. “We only use the best ingredients in our brewery, because we know that’s what’s going to make the best beer, and Epic Planks has the same philosophy with the materials they use to make their boards and skis. A quality product takes priority over profitability and efficiency for both of our businesses.”

(image courtesy of Founders Brewing Co.)

The first round of pre-orders must be turned in by November 15 for delivery in January 2012. Orders will be accepted at the Founders company store and their online gear site. Other stores may carry the skis in the future—so be on the lookout for further announcements.

Founders Brewing Co was founded in 1997 and was voted the 2nd best brewery in the world in 2011 by and was the second fastest growing brewery in the country in 2009.

Founded in 2009, Epic Planks focuses on innovation, feedback, and progress in order to craft premium handmade skis and snowboards. Guides at a number of Cat Skiing and Heli Skiing operations test their products on a regular basis because Epic maintains that the perfect product development platform is to put their skis and snowboards through the paces on the biggest mountains, every day of the season, by very good riders. They put out products designed for durability, performance, visual appeal, and affordability. (



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