Dave Sopko on a much nicer day find the buff flow in the City

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania steel mills, rivers, the city of champions, and Mountain Bike Mecca?  I dare you to find a major US city that has more singletrack both with-in city limits and just outside anywhere else in the country. With-in 2 huge parks within city limits there are 40 miles of urban singletrack, and the surrounding suburbs contains literally 100s of miles of Sniggle for your riding pleasure. The Yinzers so far have been keeping it all to themselves, or are outsiders afraid of the grim and gloom of the burgh?   Whatever the case the trails have great flow to them, and unlike Vermont they hold up in the rain fine well as long as your not a horse.

This particular day was a rainy Labor Day at South Park, Pa.  I owe this place for being so close to my house and making Mountain Biking accessible to me. On this day despite the rain, the trails served up the flowly goodness but challenged with slippery wood work.  If you ever make your way to Pittsburgh check out PORC for info on South Park and all the Southwestern, Pa trails.