Message from the Founder | GNAR too Far.

Message from the Founder | GNAR too Far.


Message from the Founder | GNAR too Far.


This is Tim Konrad, founder of UnofficialNetworks. I understand that you’ve all fully embraced GNAR and the antics that are celebrated within that forum. It pleases me to see how much you’re all enjoying it. Yet, there is one consequence of this GNAR-fever that is a bit off putting….

We have been receiving copious amount of emails, all with the same theme…naked man-ass. Our inbox fills up weekly with hideous photos of naked man taint, ballsack, ass, and yes….cock.

In the future, please refrain from sending Unofficial Networks emails with any of the afore mentioned features.

I can tell you right now that no, you do not receive any GNAR points for simply having a picture of yourself exposing your junk on the top of a mountain. This is simply GNAR too Far.

Thank you,
Tim Konrad

This is GNAR too Far.

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