The honey badger don't give a F!#K. Watch him run in slow motion. Honey badger video with facts. The Honey Badger Don’t Give a F!#K | Unofficial Networks

The Honey Badger Don't Give a F!#K

The Honey Badger Don't Give a F!#K


The Honey Badger Don't Give a F!#K


To spice up your Saturday night notice the honey badger, it’s pretty bad ass… look, watch him run in slow motion….

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Checkout some Honey Badger Statistics taken from Wikipedia:

– The honey badger is also known as the ratel, and is more like a weasel than a badger & it’s native to Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent

– The honey badger has few natural predators due to its thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities.

– They are known to rip thick planks from hen-houses and take/eat chickens

Its skin is remarkably loose, and allows it to turn and twist freely within it  and its looseness allows them to twist and turn on their attackers when held.

– Little is known of the honey badger’s breeding habits & they live alone in self-dug holes.

– Honey badgers are notoriously fearless and tough animals, having been known to savagely attack their enemies.

– The voice of the honey badger is a hoarse “khrya-ya-ya-ya” sound.

– When mating, males emit loud grunting sounds (well don’t we all)

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