las lenas water argentina
Bring the Funk!

This stuff is nasty.  If it was just dirt, hell, I’d likely still drink it.  Dirt never hurt no ‘un no how. But this stuff is stringy like slime mold or super bacteria or moss. How the f#$k does this get into the tap water?  Seriously?

las lenas drinking water

Good to the last drop.

For those of you who don’t know, you generally can’t drink the water in South America/Latin America as a gringo.  Argentina is the exception to this rule.  The water is fine for gringos and in Bariloche the water is even better than Tahoe as they haven’t chlorinated it yet as they did in Tahoe in the late 90s.

las lenas drinking waterBowl of ? anyone?

So, what is this crap in the water in Las Leñas?  It’s so thick it clogs the filter on the tap and makes taking a shower a bit less than “cleansing.”

las lenas drinking water august 2011

We hope it goes away soon.  But, even then, can we start trusting the water again? Just one more of the extremely interesting parts of living in South America.  It really keeps you on your toes, I love it.

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