First of all, let me let the creators of the Brewski Belt describe the product that hit the market in July…

The Brewski Belt is constructed using waterproof ballistic nylon. It will hold six cans or bottles of beer so you have a beer ready to drink at all times. Each belt has an adjustable band that fits up to a 58 inch waist. This belt is perfect for tailgating, parties, sporting events, concerts, NASCAR events or anywhere you want to be the highlight of the party! It has a zipper pocket on the back which is perfect for protecting valuables as well as a side holster for cell phones, cigarettes or anything else to make the party better.  (From

The Brewski Belt.  Simply a belt made of nylon material that can hold up to six bottles or cans of beer.  When I first saw the web ad for the Brewski Belt I thought to myself “what idiotic drunk would ever buy that and why?”.  But then I kind of thought about it and tried to think of situations where I’d absolutely need a Brewski Belt or even just want a Brewski Belt for IMMEDIATE access to my beers…I quickly realized the situations were kind of endless, especially if you’re too lazy to carry a simple cooler around. Here’s a few I thought of right away.

(in no particular order)
1. Playing polish horseshoes or any other game that involves drinking beer after beer within a 30 minute period.
2. If your stuck playing right field in a soft ball game.
3. Going for a 45-60 min walk, bike ride, or skate
4. To make your parents really question your statement last Christmas that you don’t have a problem with alcohol
5. Roofing, painting, or anything else that involves a ladder
6. Kite flyiing
7. Waterskiing, wakeboarding, maybe even kneeboarding
8. Shooting a bow and arrow
9. Stuck in a mosh pit
10. Mowing the lawn
…basically anything that involves using both your hands
…or if you don’t want to use your hands at all (except to drink obviously)

I mean how has the common man gone so long without the Brewski Belt?? Once you have one, you probably would need it at all times like HD televisions and smart phones.  The Brewski Belt will sell itself!  Just wait and watch.  Especially if the creators make accessories such as an additional belt to carry another 6 beers on the outside or better yet, a strap that goes across the chest and back. You could easily tack on another 6 or so rounds of ammo on that too.
So ask yourself this the next time you need more than one beer every ten minutes:  Can you actually go on as you have being ‘Belt-less’? Or are you going to join the rest of us in the 21 Century?
The Brewski Belt.  Comes in black or camouflage.  Fits up to a 58in waist! Only $12.95!

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