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California law would require 18 and under humans to wear helmets when at ski resorts.

There is a new bill on the California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.  This is bill SB105 written by Democratic Senator Leland Yee from San Francisco. The bill passed today, August 15th, 2011 and now is supposedly sitting on Jerry’s desk awaiting approval or veto.

only pussies wear helmets

Only pussies wear helmets.  photo:

So, it’s up to Good ‘Ole Jerry to make this decision for us, because we are clearly not responsible enough to decide if our kids should wear helmets or not.

Leland thinks that we need helmets as he has statisticw that show up to 50% of ski resort deaths are due to head injury. Unofficial wrote a story on ski/board head injuries, here’s the numbers we found: Skiing/Riding Statistically Becoming More Dangerous.

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California Governor Jerry Brown.

4 other states already have laws like this one.

The Governator vetoed a bill like this last year.

helmetYour brain on concrete.  Your brain in a helmet on concrete.

This Raises More Than Just A Few Questions?

– What about backcountry?  Are you gonna be required to wear a helmet in the backcountry?

– Who is going to enforce this?  Ski resort “marshals?”

– Are you gonna have to show a helmet when you buy a ticket?

– Are they gonna check your age and examine your helmet each time you get on the lift?

– Are we even free anymore?

crushed skullIt’s our right to choose wether or not we wanna look like this guy, right?  photo:

I am a full believer in helmets.  I wear mine every time I put on skis.  It’s the lack of freedom that irks me.  If you don’t wanna wear a helmet or you don’t want to put one on your kid, that should be your decision.

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