2012 Blizzard Bodacious | Unofficial Gear Review

2012 Blizzard Bodacious | Unofficial Gear Review


2012 Blizzard Bodacious | Unofficial Gear Review



Lengths: 186, 196

Sidecut: 142-118-132

Turn Radius: 32 meters (186cm)

Terrain: Pow, Big Mountain

Camber: Flat w/ rockered tip and tail

Mount Point: They ski best at factory 0, 1 cm forward if ya spend much time in the air

Blizzard is revolutionizing the ski world with their fleet of rodeo ready, flip cored skis.  The biggest and baddest in the line-up is hands down the Bodacious. Complete with a sheet and a half of metal and available in a 196, skiing these beasts is like having rockets strapped to your feet, yet  they remain nimble as you dash through the trees.  Changes in construction have made the ski nearly 2 pounds lighter than it’s predecessor, the Zeus, making for an overall more playful and easy ride.

What exactly is this “Flip Core” all about?

Flip Core technology is just what it implies. The core is flipped, and it’s downward facing convex side forms the natural rocker of the ski, without having to bend or artificially shape the ski in a press.

Alaska PowPhoto: Grant Kaye

I have skied this baby in all conditions and it rarely disappoints.  It’s of course most at home in deep pow.  The ski performs fantastically in crud and chop.  It even holds an edge surprisingly well in firm snow despite it’s impressive width (though if you find yourself piste on more than piste off, you’ll likely want something a little smaller).  The ski has done everything I ask it to.  With a healthy girth of 118mm they surfed Alaskan pow like a dream.  Their lightweight construction made touring around Chamonix a breeze.  And now down in South America they are taking a beating only the Third World can provide. Still, they rise to the occasion and impress on a daily basis.

If you’re just getting started in the ski world, the Bodacious might not be for you. With a sheet and a half of metal these puppies are stiff and demand that you stand up over ’em.  Once you adjust to such a solid platform, you’ll be blown away by the stability at high speed and your new uncanny ability to stomp monster airs.

Surfing pow on the Bodacious

Surfing the soft stuff on the Bodacious

This fall when your shopping around for a powder ski that can double down as a daily rider, go ahead and give the Bodacious a try. I’m confident ya won’t be disappointed!

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