Wintery Wind Buff | Bariloche Conditions Report

Wintery Wind Buff | Bariloche Conditions Report


Wintery Wind Buff | Bariloche Conditions Report


Sunrise in Bariloche

Not a bad view walking to the hitching spot this morning

Today conditions at Catedral were variable to say the least.   Conveniently even when the skiing is less than banger the views and clouds alone are enough to entertain. With high winds, clouds drifting in and out, and a very small amount of precipitation overnight the skiing was the classic “good for a turn, bad for a turn” wintery wind buff.

Nubes was skiing fairly well, with a happy blend of wind buffed snow and borderline pow in places.  The Palmera trees were skiing quite well, though they had been slightly baked by the sun.  And Condor 3 was open for the first time today! It was also reported that Laguna was skiing well, but had the same dense wind buff found in bounds.

Sun is shining, weather is sweet

It would seem so long as the sun pokes through somewhat the views will be 5 stars

Unfortunately the allure of a storm has been pushed back and it looks like our next chance for snow is this weekend.  And with a forecast system that is about as accurate as a civil war musket, only Mother Nature will get to determine whether we get to surf the soft stuff again for the weekend or not.

Catedral viewed from the Hitch hiking spot

Resort with some blue sky poking through

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