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WTF! Action sports. Travis Pastrana Crashes on a attempted rodeo 720 (on a dirt bike). X Games 17. Travis Pastrana’s “TP Roll” came unraveled last night when he took a bad fall and ended up breaking his foot. Travis is nuts! he was planing on competing in X Games Moto X Big air on Thursday,  X Games Moto X Freestyle on Friday then flying to Indianapolis for some good ol’ NASCAR (where he would’ve probably won), then Flying back to X Games (LA) on Sunday for the Rally Car competition.  ESPN says the“Pastranathon” is over. “Pastrana, who was taken off on a stretcher and transported to a hospital for X-rays, broke his right foot and ankle […] Pastrana’s planned NASCAR debut on Saturday will be put on hold. He is also out of the X Games”


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