Josh Stack gets corked.

Vernon is my hometown. Growing up there, there were two things we’d do in the summer. Ride bikes, and jump cliffs. On my way back from Nelson, I decided it would be rude if we didn’t stop off at my favorite swimming hole and go for a couple jumps. I met up with skier/stuntman Josh Stack, and did a little filming for the next Voleurz video.

Josh Stack gets corked.
Makes you want to just jump in.

The water at this spot is the best. Kalamalka Lake is actually glacier fed, but because it sits in the heart of the Okanagan, it heats up to around 25 degrees Celsius. The glacier sediments give the water a turquoise green tint, making it almost seem like it should be in the tropics somewhere. The water is clean and always inviting for a swim.

The Cliffs | Rattle Snake Point | Kalamalka Lake Park

Our session was pretty short, but just long enough to recollect good memories and cool off under that hot Okanagan sun.

The Brothers Stack
Corking another spin.

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