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Northstar is allowing Facebook to name their new chair.  Nice!  The chair is on Northstar’s backside and is adjacent to the “Backside Express.” I’m already snickering.  C’mon, there is way too much opportunity for 3rd grade bathroom humor here.  I’ve already mentally grossed myself out.  Now it’s your turn…

The Name The Northstar Chair Contest Rules:

– Come up with a name for the new chair

– Then give us a quote in which the new name is used

– The best/funniest name posted in our comments will win $50 and two Unofficial Hats.

– Example:   Chair name – “Liquor.”   Quote – “No.  No way!  You’re a fu#king idiot!  ‘Liquor’ ‘Backside’  laps are the tastiest laps at Northstizzle.”

– Contest Winner will be announced on July 22nd, 2011 and will harvest $50 as well as two Unofficial Hats

We know you guys can come up with better, so let’s hear it.

And the winner is…… Gary

Name: Reacharound

Quote: “Yeah I just went up and down the Backside but to be fair I had to go for a Reacharound as well.”

Gary, we need your email and address to send out your prize. Please contact us at Congratulations!

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