Ok, so Barstool Sports is definitely for the guys and maybe some east-coast non politically-correct females. The site’s motto is “By the common man, for the common man,” and it accomplishes this exactly. First off, the headlines are hilarious. For example, “The Best Story About Thai Hookers Posing As Hunters To Smuggle Rhino Horns You’ll Read All Day,” and, “Does This Look Like The Face Of A Dude Accused Of Exposing Himself To A Girl At A Park?” are two that I loved immediately.

The format of this site is very similar to Unofficialnetworks in that it constists of news stories, videos, and hilarious and hateful comments. If you like stories with edgy, in-your-face headlines and ridiculous comments then you will definitely love this site.


Image from the homepage of Barstool Sports

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