Shuttle Car

Shuttle Car

As the temps in SLC rise the members of the mountain community  seek places where they can beat the heat. Droves of Snowbird skiers and riders typically descend on the Weber River this time of year looking for a relaxing way to cool off and down some PBR. Unfortunately water levels are still a bit high for a tube ride on the Weber at this point. Therefore, a group of friends and I decided to try our luck on the Snake River near Jackson, WY. Of course we stopped on the way in Evanston at our all time favorite Liquor Store.

Liquor Store

Water levels on the Snake are still running crazy high. (21,000 cfs last Thursday and Friday)  I would recommend running the river at this level in a raft not a ducky or a tube.  Lunch Counter was hitting really hard with a wave train of about 6 or 7 ten+ foot waves in a row. It is important to have a good Captain when the water is moving this fast and furious.

Lunch Counter Rapid

Camping is free and great in the Grays Canyon area near Alpine, WY. It provides easy access to the river for quick shuttling and a short drive back after a long day of rivering. I would recommend bringing some bug spry with DEET in it if you are camping anywhere near Jackson. The natural stuff we had did not work at all.


Our Captain:

Chris Talvy


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