After a season with record-breaking snowfall, Crystal Mountain in Washington just stopped turning its lifts nearly nine months after they started turning in November. It’s the longest season in the resorts 48-year history, and it makes us wonder, why didn’t Squaw do the same thing?

Like Squaw, Crystal has a high elevation lift, The Mt. Rainer Gondola, which allows skiers and riders to be transported to the top of their ski hill for upper elevation turns. Who cares that the lower mountain is toast when you have so much snow to slide on up high?

I mean, we got 810 inches above 8200’ this year and Crystal got 612. WTF? Why not just allow skiers and riders to hike from the cable car since it’s already planned to run through the summer anyway? Wasn’t 4th of July weekend rad? Imagine if you could just take the cable car up and go for a few leisurely laps off Sibo, today! Sounds good to us too.

As we know from a recent article published on the site, the 2010-2011 ski season saw a record set for U.S. skier visits all across the country. With the Senate trying to make it law that ski resorts (that work with the U.S.F.S.) are allowed to facilitate more activities in the non-winter months, why not let people ski and ride if there’s ample snow to do so, even if it is summer?

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