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santiago mountains chilesSantiago de Chile.  photo:

WHO FU#KING KNOWS!?!? No one, because there aren’t any trustworthy reports coming out of South America.  But, this is key information info if you’re thinking of doing a South American ski/ride sojourn this summer.  You really do need to know how how the season has bee, if it’s been raining or windy, and most importantly what the current conditions are like right now.

Unofficial is sending two ski monkeys down to South America next week to get you updated properly. They will be traveling between Las Lenas, Bariloche/Catedral, Termas de Chillan, Portillo, and the Santiago Ski Resorts (La Parva, El Colorado, Valle Nevado) doing the same thing we did all season on  Namely, bringing you videos, photos, real time snow reports, news, and lots of how-to.

In general South America has been high and dry so far this year. Today, July 12th would be equivalent to the Northern Hemisphere’s January 12th. To have almost no snow or not even be open yet would be hurtful, as it is down there right now.  There are storms on the horizon, so let’s keep our fingers crossed…

South America This Season So Far:

– Valle Nevado has 20cm of snowpack (that’s less than 8 inches) & only 5 beginner & intermediate chairs open

– Las Lenas only has baby chairs open with very little snow

– Catedral (the largest ski resort in South America) isn’t even open yet as they have no snow.

– Bariloche’s airport (access to Catedral) is still closed after the volcano eruption in Chile and has been since June 4th

– Termas de Chillan, hell, I can’t even find out if it’s open or not online, but I know they haven’t gotten much snow yet

Information from South America is dicey at best.  We’ve done our time down there and we understand that only too well.  People everywhere need a source of ski and snowboard news from South America that is reliable. That’s exactly what Unofficial will be doing with this summer.

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