Cal gets into it on the trail 'Sitkum'
Beautiful view of some gnarly weather.

I set off last week on a quick journey to Nelson BC with Callum Jelley. I’ve only been to Nelson once before, and that particular occasion didn’t include bikes. This trip did. The riding in Nelson is renown in the mountain biking community here in BC, and is a must stop if you ever plan on riding mountain bikes in BC. The historical little mountain town is nestled on the shores of Kooteney Lake, with mountains in all cardinal directions. The mountains there are perfect for mountain biking.

Cruisin the highway through the interior.
Cal gets into it on the trail 'Sitkum'.

Cal and I spent the better portion of three days skimming just the surface of what Nelson has to offer. Easy shuttle drops, and big descents were what we ordered, and that’s what we got. We rode a solid mix of steep and loose, to fast wide open, to steep and gnar. There’s a little bit of everything there. While we were there, we had a decent mix of weather patterns to make things interesting. From full on thunderstorms, to hail, and beaming hot sun, we had it all. The trail conditions varied from dry and loose, to muddy and greasy. No matter what it was like, we were stoking the whole time.


More to come from our Nelson Trip over the weekend. Stay tuned.

– Mason Mashon

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